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"Complete Noise... Absurd Shit..." Cassette + Poster A4'

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After an inhuman mummification desecration of every concept called music, MURDER RECORDS has the privilege to announce the return of ABSURD, the decimators with ultrasonic noise and here you will not find music, just protest, and chaotic noise shit... In this noise attack was exhumed the noise sessions in the most disgraced ABSURD campaign of anti-music recorded between the years of 1994 until 2000 and here is the place where you can strangle yourself with these ultrasonic abnormalities previously unreleased, together with the insane noise torment recorded in 2019 to make this nightmare full of “COMPLETE NOISE... ABSURD SHIT...” because here the fucking noise is the law without any kind of social tolerance, just to keep the true D.I.Y. attitude alive... NOISECORE PROTEST WITHOUT SOCIAL TOLERANCE Complete Absurd Noizegrindphy Released by Murder Records in 2019 The nasty desecrators in ABSURD, are the same infamous creatures since the beginning of this filthy massacre of noise in 1994, with the insane CESAR CHINA on the anguish screams of violence, the morbid BATISTA owner of strings to hang the rotten humans and the perverted CHUCKILL on the drums eruption with an ultrasonic blasting to destroy all in the end... All the insane noise sessions on this release on cassette were recorded between 1994 and 2000, except the complete radioactive noise massacre presented by Absurd chaotic shit in the first eleven nightmares that were recorded in 2019. All songs exhumed, desecrated and revived by CESAR CHINA from the chaotic noise buried in the moldy archives and mastered by Cadaver Panafernalicus in 2019 in the Human Guillotine Studios in Holland... Noises 01 to 11 from the noise session "Complete Noise... Absurd Shit..." these are the noise announcement of this Absurd return and released now by Murder Records with the old scum previously unreleased noise sessions. Noises 12 to 25 from the previously unreleased noise session "It's Full Of Filth And Scum" Noises 26 to 34 from the previously unreleased noise session "Play It Fucking Loud!!!" Noises 35 to 38 from the previously unreleased noise session "Disgrace And Noise Shit" Noises 39 to 50 are previously released by absurd on the "Lost Tapes Promo Noise Session" Noise 51 is previously released on the "Lost Tapes Promo Noise Session" by Absurd and on the "Noise For Deaf II" Compilation CD released by Rotthenness Records. Noise 52 previously unreleased noise version from the veteran's Ratos De Porão... Caos. Noises 53 to 55 from the previously unreleased noise session “Nuclear Threat”.