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"Estraçalhando A Raça Humana Suavemente Como Uma Bomba Atômica De Ruído Nuclear" Split Cassette

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Murder Records just opens the nuclear noise reactors to pulverize this society with poisonous noise ready to desecrate humans slowly... Syndromes of pure hatred are what you can expect from this nuclear ominous reaction where nothing and no one will come out unscathed because here, only abrasive noises were properly prepared unkindly to eliminate and devastating as a species the damned human race and all the hypocrite's theories about everything and everyone... Social atrophy is the main cause of all the radioactive effects presented in this atomic noise campaign, replete with abnormal congenital deformations from an artificial and empty world where we are obligated to survive under controlled rules made by perverted minds just to devour your flesh and consume you until the fucking bones... ======================= RADIOACTIVE NOISE WITH SOCIAL HATE MELTED IN LAVA NUCLEAR PUNK AND VIOLENT HUMAN CHAOS...