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“Atrocities Of A Miserable Existence In Decay” Split Cassette

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Murder Records sinking once again deep in the catacombs of death in order to present the most profane atrocities of this nefarious emptiness where we can properly extract these horrendous noises that allow us to penetrate one more time in the morbid underworld from Anonimuus Creature and Inhumanoise... The supremacy of an absolute nothingness where everything becomes insignificant in the irrelevance of this sordid lost humanity in the vacuum of constant social needs that are completely repudiated on this miserable atrocity of an existence decaying caused by the noise of agony that abruptly plunges us into deepest chasms of darkness where you will find morbid noise, hatred chaos, and total death that's waiting for your suicide... CATATONIC NOISE IN A HATRED EXTRACTED FROM CHAOS TO ACHIEVE SOCIAL SUICIDE WITH A TOTAL DEATH...