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HMR083 | DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND / AGATHOCLES “Raw Noises Anti Status And Mainstreams...” Split Cassette with limited edition of 250 copies with Poster A4 50 Copies Black and White cover + Poster A4 50 Copies Black and Orange cover + Poster A4 50 Copies Black and Blue cover + Poster A4 50 Copies Black and Green cover + Poster A4 50 Copies Black and Red cover + Poster A4 RELEASE OUT 20 OCTOBER 2017 www.murder-records.com info@murder-records.com © - 2017 Murder Records

Levering: 1 or 2 Working days to Holland
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Maistream tells you to make it big with a big one so they did it! Not because they expect a huge amount of success but because they aim for a infinite crap of hating suckcess. Side to side you will witness the undenying art of we don't give a fuck about your opinion attitude between Disfigured Human Mind and Agathocles. What should you expect from this? Nothing but noisy grind and broken teeth! Side A Disfigured Human Mind Raw Microbiologic Noise Diseases This nasty microbiologic noise session was recorded on 31 August 2017 at Graveyard Farm Studios, Holland. Noise infections made and procreated by the most dangerous microscopic killers Cadaver Panáfernalicus and Cadaver Efermus, just to help you find the best way to kill yourself slowly and painfully in several ways of raw microbiologic diseases. Contact: https://disfiguredhumanmind.bandcamp.com https://vimeo.com/disfiguredhumanmind Side B Agathocles 25 hits about sweet mincing honey Noises recorded on 28 June 2014 in GEEL, BELGIUM / Voices recorded on 22 July 2017 in SLUISKIL, HOLLAND Noises made by JAN, KOEN and NILS Contact: mincemania@hotmail.com