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HMR081 | DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND / TRAUMÁTICO DESMAME “A Morte Por Mil Cortes... Pássaras do Norte” Split Cassette Limited edition of 200 copies with Poster A4. Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore © - 2017 Murder Records

Levering: 1 or 2 Working days to Holland
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How to dig an abyss you ask? Disfigured Human Mind and Traumático Desmame answer to that is by closing your doors to every living connection. In this release these guys managed to create a layer with such of a depressive and chaotic noise dimension that everything is reduced to nothing. Worthless piece of shit you are!!! Disfigured Human Mind "A Morte Por Mil Cortes..." 01 - Morte por mil cortes 02 - Escafismo 03 - Enforcamento Composto 04 - Suspensão e esquartejamento 05 - Evisceração 06 - O Garrote This Nihilistic Noize Session was record at 01 of May of 2017 in Holland at Torture Chamber Studios with hate and pain. Cadaver Panafernálicus (All Sreams of Hate and Pain) Cadaver Efermus (All Nihilistic Noise) Contact: www.disfiguredhumanmind.bandcamp.com ********************************* Traumático Desmame “Pássaras do Norte” 01 - Pássaras do Norte This Noise Session was recorded at Estúdio Tchatchatcha (Algés, Oeiras, Portugal) on the May 22nd (2011), produced by Joel and mastered by Devlin. Line-up: Gamão (lead vocals, stylophone, tambourine) Leotão (back vocals, bass guitar, keyboards) Trovão (back vocals, drums, percussion and cymbals) Send your hate mail to: anthropophobe@hotmail.com ********************************* © - 2017 Murder Records