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HMR074 | DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND "G.G. (A La Finesse)" Demo Cassette Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore Tribute to G.G. Allin without fucking covers only attitude is real!!!

Levering: 1 or 2 Working days to Holland
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Limited Edition of 75 Copies © - 2017 Murder Records This demo is dedicated to the one and only fucked up mind who standed against everything and everyone. The one who showned how is to live from is ideals and don't giving a fuck about fashions or trends. This is not another shit fucking covers tape, this is a real tribute to the one and only G.G. Allin and is campaign for human destruction. Madness is part of you and is up to you to put it in the right terms, forget your shitty clothes, your fucked up fashions, feel and do your own fucking thing!! G.G. Thanks for the inspiration.. whait for us, we see you soon on the other side. This tape was made only for you, fuck all the rest! Fuck politics, Fuck trends, Fuck the scene... Fuck You! This tribute to the Anti Human Master was recorded in Holland at Torture Chamber Studios in 22 January of 2017.