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5,00 EUR

HMR069 | DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND “Atomic Aberration” Demo Cassette Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore

Levering: 1 or 2 Working days to Holland
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Limited edition of 100 copies © - 2016 Murder Records After a few years of mortuary rest, the marble of the grave is once again removed and in October 2015 Cadaver Panafernálicus opens again the marble of the grave and start moving again the putrid carcass together with new corpses from the morgue, Cadaver Efermus and Cadaver Paraliticus are the selected dead bodies to join Disfigured Human Mind and in December 2015 were record more 9 aberrations atomically improvised for the new demo “Atomic Aberration”. This audio aberration was released in May 2016 on cassette format by Murder Records and distributed by HELLDPROD. All nasty noise record in Portugal and all vomits record in Belgium with the support from Martin Furia and Music City Studios. When you think about it really well grindcore was meant to revolve your guts to express your frustrations and to exorcise your anger. Disfigured Human Mind does it all based on the traditional formulas going straight to your heart shredding it to tiny pieces and severing your ears deeply. No fashions, no trends, just grinding noise to rip your body apart!