Enforced Existence Records is a netlabel run by RJ Myato since 2017 dedicated to support and release Noise, Noisecore, Poetry, Lo-Fi and Experimental Music in a way that is considered by many ignorants as something homemade or even marginal, but where we can achieve the destruction of our sanity with the disgusting noises released for free without a capitalist paradoxes or pragmatic consumerism...

With proud I would like to give all my necro support to the work done during last years by ENFORCED EXISTENCE Records and where we can get violent ati-musical discharges made for drilling our brains and melting our ears off without any mercy...

Now let's keep the words of RJ Myato which will reveal a little more of its latest activities however for the curious I suggest you remain alert because here the auto-destructive noise is permanent as well as constants...

S.N.M.: D.I.Y. means something for you? Why?
RJ Myato: Doing it myself means I have instant gratification when recording and releasing things, it means I can give things away for free like I want to, it means I have control over exactly who I'm associated with and what I do.

S.N.M.: Why are you dealer dedicated to nasty noise shit?
RJ Myato: I love all forms of noisy sound and want to spread it far and wide.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
RJ Myato: I got a 4 track cassette recorder when I was a teenager and instantly felt the need to record feedback, twisted guitar solos, poetry, and other shit - putting it on cd-rs and releasing it was only the logical conclusion!

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
RJ Myato: It's massively important - this is a marginal community to sticking together and supporting those who deserve it is a major thing.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
RJ Myato: Nothing specific in the works here now, but keep updated as I am always moving.

S.N.M.: How and where can we contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
RJ Myato: You contact me via Bandcamp using the form there!


To be able to introduce more ruídosa the work done by Enforced Existence Records I would like to recommend to all noise addicts to check and consume the noisecore trilogy available from RAVING FUCKING MAD Compilation and that will allow achieving a brain overdose where nauseating noise prevails.


Fatal Position, Gorgonized Dorks, Brainless Storm, Limbs Bin, PorraLoka, Fuck Me Fuck My Noise, Bad Command or File Name and LordxGonzo

(Listen Here)


Shitnoise Bastards, Ouroborean Piss, Nietzschelickers, Porraloka and Rektal Omsorg

(Listen Here)


Mal Aliento, Romutus, Gorgonized Dorks, IHYG, Ouroborean Piss, Changoz!, Radiacion Suicyda, Finecut, Pissdeads, Piss Sink, Hades Mining Co, Skin Beetles, Drenagem, Steven Seagal, Gastronomic Error, Vitmas do Crack and Disfigured Human Mind

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